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Visual Trend Analysis

Turn Images into Insights
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Visual Brand Intelligence

Optimize Content Strategy
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Visual Sales Intelligence

Deep Lead Segmentation
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Visual Trend Analysis


Trend discovery and quantification

Consumer Insights analysis

Follower and competitor Analysis


• Identify and quantify global visual trends and understand the impact at local level so you better guide the product and content strategy
• Discover the deepest consumer insights from demographics to affinities and interests
• Shape your product development and communication strategy based on the language and values of your audience.

Use Case Trend Analysis

• Easily quantify trends and get an instant overview of their size, speed and direction

• Find new opportunities by discovering new topics associated with the trend

• Shape your product development & communication strategy based on the language and values of your target audience

Visual trend analysis - Hair Case

Learn how we analysed more than 150 hair trends on a visual basis
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Use Case in depth analysis

• Discover in depth insights about your audience

• The analysis into the home appliances sector reveals that healthy people are possibly the best brand ambassadors

• Discover product categories associated with your brand: e.g. Almond milk grew in popularity in the U.S. and it is associated with 1 out 3 images of the interior of fridges on social media

• Uncover customer affinities in a natural way:  e.g. The two main brands associated with the target audience in the U.S. are Silk & Califia

Visual Brand Intelligence


• Visual content analysis

• Competition benchmark

• Visual content sentiment analysis

• Track the mentions of your brand & moments of consumptions


• Based on the performance of your content discover the elements that push your audience to engage

• Analyze and benchmark content & engage with the audience

• Identify the moments of consumption and gain strategic insights

Use Case In depth Insights

• Understand what elements of your brand's visual strategy can increase or decrease your engagement

• Stack yourself up to the competition and see what makes their content be more or less successful

• Discover new topics and messages that are trending in your product category

Use Case Sentiment

• Track your brand beyond mentions and discover what your customers are saying about your product

• Use data from multiple sources to quantify the buzz generated by customers in each region of the world

• Understand what words are associated with your product

• Learn about the images and content which is associate with your product

Visual Sales Intelligence


Visual Lead Identifier

Location identifiers (retail store, bars, hotels, malls, etc.)

• Merge lead data with social data


• Learn more about your prospective leads

Segment your lead in depth and build robust lead scoring mechanism

• Localize your opportunities on a geographical basis

Use Case SMart sales leads

• Prioritize   locations   for   product   distribution based on social popularity

• Segment  your  leads  based  on  deep  social information

• Merge data from different sources for a robust comprehensive analysist

Visual sales intelligence - Food Hotspots Case

Get an insight on how we discovered potential food and drink sales spots for a major beverages company
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