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We turn images into valuable data to help you get insights on a massive scale. Know your customers' affinities, discover trending content, and unlock untapped resources.

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80% of the images posted online lack proper tagging. They are black boxes filled with information.

Now imagine unlocking this resource !

Services we provide

Visual Trend Analysis

Turn Images into insights
Identify trends and customer needs for specific topics or segments.

Visual Brand Intelligence

Optimize Content Strategy 
Take a deeper look at what makes your followers happy & know how you compare to your competition.

Visual Sales Intelligence

Deep Lead Segmentation 
Source lead information to achieve deep contextual segmentation & improve account intelligence.

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The haircare segment is one of the most dynamic areas of the beauty industry. Learn how we have discovered more than 150 current trends for a major player in the beauty industry.

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Consumer beer preferences evolve in unpredictable ways.  Brands also need to know when to distribute the right beers to areas where consumers will enjoy them the most.

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More than half of all consumer spending worldwide is captured by the fast-moving consumer goods industry. Predicting consumers' behavior is essential.

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Visual content analysis

Visual content analysis in the haircare industry.

Beer typology trends

In a dynamic product category, understanding local nuances in trends is crucial.

Location hotspots

Identifying and segmenting local hotspots with the power of A.I.

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