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Location Intelligence

Through our solutions, our clients could find data extracted from the online menus of food & beverage operators in the area of their interest and craft their sales and marketing operations accordingly, as well as better understanding their market share in comparison to direct competitors

The challenge

Meeting consumers during their out-of-home (OOH) and in-home (IH) moments of consumption is crucial.

They often move outside the traditional purchase points, so they have to be reached during their morning commute, on the way to the gym or while they are ordering in for a movie night.  

To appear as relevant to them, products need to be showcased with the right messaging, at the right moment and in the right place. Solving the puzzle of where, when, and how to be present a product can drive higher customer retention and loyalty over the long term.


An increasing amount of companies have an online presence, and that can generate a considerable amount of data. By combining the offline information with the online one, we are able to provide an "augumented" view of the world to them. With us, they can:

✦ Identifying outlets that fit the target audience

✦ Enrich the outlet information with data from Google Maps and Facebook Places

the results

These are the results for the Amsterdam area:  

✦ Collected data on over 2.200 unique outlets across Amsterdam which offered out-of-home and in-home products

✦ Visualized outlet locations by country and city in an interactive map and dashboard

✦ Classified categories of 49 products offered by price, volume, cuisine type, and reviews

the achievements

✦ Enabled our client to refine their outlet targeting and accelerate product distribution

✦ Reduced the time for campaign targeting by 2x

✦ Increased the ROI by 40%

Service Provided

Location Intelligence

Explore your market and get insights on where your products are and on the outlets that are distributing them
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