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Hair style trends case


Hair care industry


Visual Trend Analysis

Through our solutions, our clients could find data extracted from the online menus of food & beverage operators in the area of their interest and craft their sales and marketing operations accordingly, as well as better understanding their market share in comparison to direct competitors

The challenge

Anticipating which products to develop to accommodate the latest trends in personal grooming and beauty can be challenging. Designs should be versatile enough to keep up with the next best hair styling “hacks” going viral on YouTube, but knowing which factors matter most to customers - shaving and trimming, heating and shaping, salon quality versus user friendly - is also crucial. Any product innovation has to truly understand the dynamic concepts of beauty across locations globally.


Our solution provided a data-driven approach to identify and quantify hair trends, starting with women’s hair, and illustrating to our client what is of greatest interest to consumers regarding outcomes from using hair styling products.

✦ Mined and analyzed over 500000 images of women’s hair from varied sources using our visual recognition tool 

✦ Created custom clusters of images which represent unique hairstyles

the results

✦ Spotted over 150 clusters of hairstyle types and classified them based on social engagement

✦ Prioritized clusters into 27 primary trends, ranked by growth potential and social engagement

✦ Visualized trends and key observations with an interactive dashboard, mapping out each trend’s popularity over time

the achievements

✦ Market insights achieved 5x faster than traditional research methods and led to real business decisions

✦ Following the initial success of the women’s hair trends insights, scaled the project by over 160% to include men’s grooming and styling trends and localized them across the EU, US, and Middle East  

Service Provided

Visual Trend Analysis

Identify trends and customer needs for specific topics or segments.
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Hair style trends case

Visual Trend Analysis

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