We want to bring Artificial Intelligence closer to your business. Know your market, watch it evolving, understand your customers’ needs and take informed strategic decisions.


Improve your sales & marketing

Explore your market and get insights on where your products are and on the outlets that are distributing them.

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Visual Brand

Fine tune your brand

Understand how your brand is being perceived and how it is presented across the world.

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Visual Trend

Turn images into insights

Discover how your market is evolving and what your customers’ needs and preferences are.

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Location Intelligence

We connect the online and offline worlds with our location intelligence solutions.

We “augment” a real location thanks to the data generated by its online presence and allow companies in the F&B, retail and FMCG markets to take smarter data-driven decisions.

With OUR SOLUTION, you will:

  • Explore and understand the outlet universe
  • Find out where your drink brands are being sold and compare your strategic choices with the ones of your competitors
  • Identify the outlets that are more likely to sell your product and increase the efficiency of your sales and marketing efforts

  • Find out which of your products will better perform in a specific outlet and make your up- and cross-selling operations more effective

FMCG industry Case

Get an insight on how we discovered potential food and drink sales spots for major beverages companies
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Visual Brand Intelligence

Our Visual Brand Intelligence solutions are based on visual recognition technology at its best. We transform online images into insights, extracting from them concepts, colors and many other types of information that are associated with your brand.

We help you better understand your brand and unlock its potential.

With OUR SOLUTION, you will:

  • Discover how your brand is showcased in different geographical areas and, with this knowledge, be able to improve its effectiveness
  • Understand how it is perceived by customers and better engage with them, having access to insights from user generated content
  • Evaluate your brand performance in a qualitative way and discover where and how it should be improved
  • Benchmark yourself against your competitors and strengthen your strategy

Visual content analysis Case

Visual content analysis in the haircare industry
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Visual Trend Analysis

We surpass the way trend analysis is done traditionally and quantify the real size and magnitude of a trend thanks to visual recognition and engagement rate calculations.

Extracting information from images, we show you how your customers’ needs are evolving over time and what truly enthuses them.

With OUR SOLUTION, you will:

  • Create products that solve the real needs of your customers
  • Sharpen your marketing operations thanks to a new and more thorough knowledge of your customers’ preferences
  • Check the evolution of your market over time and act accordingly

Hair trend analysis Case

Learn how we analysed more than 150 hair trends on a visual basis
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