The Process

Each project undergoes a rigorous process to ensure delivery of high quality results for our clients. By working with world-class clients, we have refined our methodology, analysed millions of images and delivered thousands of insights.

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1. Selection

Sources & Terms

For each project, we identify the ideal data source. We proceed by sourcing the data using the APIs at hand.
Through agreements with our data partners, we ensure that we comply with any corresponding terms & policies.

2. Processing



3. Extraction

Visual Data Extraction

• From a temporary database, we run various analyses on the insights server. Using varied  techniques we extract the visual information locked within the image and merge it with other types of data.

• The algorithms are trained to be customer specific, so there is no overlap with other clients’ toolboxes.

4. ANalytics

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Pasta Food
-15% likes
Soft Drinks

By using powerful algorithms, we process and analyse the data to provide you with  the insights that matter most to you.

We go beyond simple image analytics and bring you a world of information at your fingertips.

5. Delivery

We aggregate the valuable insights and deliver them in a tailor-made dashboard. This is where you can get your on-demand insights, and your team can explore and further understand the data.

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