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Location Intelligence

With our solutions, soft drinks companies have managed to discover new opportunities, and our outlet and product recommendation models helped them cut expenses on sales and marketing operations.

The challenge

Companies in the soft drinks industry face issues of different orders due to fast-changing consumers' behavior and technological innovations. First of all, they need to see the full picture of the market they move in. This is something difficult to achieve, as the rapport with distributors and with delivery services is often fragmented, incomplete and not entirely transparent. Many of the F&B companies are, in fact, trying to build a direct relationship with every single outlet, but this is a very expensive and time-demanding strategy.


Often, professionals working in the commercial sections of companies are tasked to try and find a solution to all these problems. Our Visual Location Intelligence services most likely are what best fit their - and their company’s - needs. We use data from public online sources to generate actionable insights and we give it an understandable form, in our Location Intelligence Dashboard.

With our tool our clients can:

  • Uncover the full extent of the food and beverage operators universe
  • Discover what are the most popular locations based on reviews
  • Have access to product portfolio data and track their own - and competitors’ - brand distribution
  • Perform over-time monitoring and identify additional strategic opportunities

the results

Thanks to the tool we provide them with, our clients obtained suggestions about which outlets and which beverages they should focus on in this or that geographical area. This results in increased sales opportunities by 40% enabling sales representatives to prepare and persuade prospects more effectively. Moreover, the right product can reach the right customer at the right time, with the aid of our outlet recommendations improving the successful launch of new products. 

Service Provided

Location Intelligence

Explore your market and get insights on where your products are and on the outlets that are distributing them
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