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Visual content analysis


Hair care industry


Visual Brand Intelligence

Through our solutions, our clients could find data extracted from the online menus of food & beverage operators in the area of their interest and craft their sales and marketing operations accordingly, as well as better understanding their market share in comparison to direct competitors

The challenge

In the beauty and cosmetics world, social media is the framework for a global marketing strategy, and brand consistency is the keystone. Branded content has to adhere to aesthetic guidelines (across geographies and team levels) while still inspiring followers, and user-generated content (UGC) should reflect many of the same aesthetics if the branding is clear. However, monitoring branded content and UGC for consistency tends to be a slow and manual process, easily hindered by a limited overview (i.e., local teams posting daily cannot see the big picture, while global teams cannot execute in detail).


Our solution employed visual recognition to quantify brand positioning and perception across social media platforms for a client in the beauty and skincare industry, thereby pinpointing inconsistencies and qualifying gaps between intended messaging and real perception.

  • Detected image styles, compositions, subjects and background objects, and color palettes using visual recognition, and ranked clusters by frequency of posts
  • Contextualized the dataset by classifying hashtags, categorizing by network reach and demographics, and analyzing engagement through likes, comments, and shares
  • ‍Indexed engagement with a normalized score to inform our client how well people were interacting with their content, illustrating their best-performing content compared to their worst (e.g., close-up faces vs. multiple people, products in use vs. products alone on display)

the results

The results were as follows:  

  • Sampled images from social media from over 1.700 branded posts and UGC across accounts on 4 different continents

the achievements

  • Pinpointed inconsistencies between branded content and brand guidelines across channels and geographies, and determined 5 key ways to bridge the gaps
  • Mapped distances between misaligned brand perceptions and UGC, and highlighted 2 new opportunities for creating new content to adapt branding to better engage with followers

Service Provided

Location Intelligence

Explore your market and get insights on where your products are and on the outlets that are distributing them
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