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Hair care industry

The haircare segment is one of the most dynamic areas of the beauty industry. The complexity of product offerings influenced by geographic factors, social and cultural make haircare one of the most challenging industries for marketing professionals.


The Challenge

With beauty trends continuously changing in our digital age, it's far from easy for a large commerce company to stay up to date and continue developing the most innovative products.  Each year, companies use desk research which brings in a multitude of information sources together and enables them to map out consumer trends all across the world. Although insights resulting from desk research create a rich cultural context, they lack a quantitative component. The focus had to be refined to discover how different insights complement each other to better understand the consumer and uncover trends. In order to find out how women communicate about hair and hairstyles on a visual level, an alternate research method was needed that validated insights into actionable solutions.

The Solution

Dashmote understands the complexities associated with market and trend research. The aim was to provide companies in the beauty industry  with a more data driven approach in identifying various hair style trends with supporting analytics.

  • Extracted images from various sources
  • By using the pre-trained visual recognition algorithm clustered together images in different hair styles
visual recognition, data, machine learning

The Results

The results were as follows:  

  • Spotted 150+ clusters of hairstyle trends
  • Quantified the trends by using social data on engagement
  • Identified 27 trends in small, medium, & large sized clusters
  • Visualized trends through dashboards
  • Identified influencers based within clusters

Some stats

  • 500.000 images mined and analyzed
  • 157 cluster created
  • 90 different hairstyles identified
  • More that 5 million engagement data points collected

The Achievements

+ real time trends to decide on marketing trends

+ improved decision making on product development

Service Used:

Visual Market Research

Identify trends and customer needs for specific topics or segments.
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