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Food & beverages industry

The beverage industry is facing tumultuous times, as the distribution process is more dynamic than ever before. Demanding consumers, increased product variety and new technology are all contributing to the growing complexity of the distribution process. It is essential for beverage companies to know consumer hotspots in order to allocate their resources efficiently.

The Challenge

It is difficult for wholesale beverage manufacturers to determine the most profitable locations to distribute their product. There are no effective methods of finding and analyzing the performance of different locations. Although some locations can be filtered through google maps, the ratings are often unreliable. Reviews often are limited in quantity and have negative bias. Since the insights on review sites tend to have a negative bias, a more extensive research method is necessary to determine trendy bar and restaurant hotspots.


Dashmote understands the complexities associated with market and trend research. Our aim is to offer a data driven-approach to trend analysis and reduce the human bias. 

This is done by:

✦ Extracted images from various sources

✦  Tracking social media engagement data to determine the trendiness of different bars and restaurants

✦ Verifying engagement results by examining audience response and sentiments toward social media posts

the results

The results were as follows:  

✦ 20000 potential distribution locations identified across Europe

✦ 20 hotspots isolated

✦ Comprehensive data about location popularity

✦ Overview of the evolution of popularity over time

✦ Sentiments regarding different hotspots uncovered

the achievements

✦ Provided a data driven approach to product distribution issues

✦ Reduced time of prospecting for teams by 2X

✦ Sufficient time saved by quantified process

Service Provided

Location Intelligence

Explore your market and get insights on where your products are and on the outlets that are distributing them
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