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Online data in the alcoholic industry


Alcoholic drinks


Location intelligence

Through our solutions, our clients could find data extracted from the online menus of food & beverage operators in the area of their interest and craft their sales and marketing operations accordingly, as well as better understanding their market share in comparison to direct competitors

The challenge

One of the biggest problems companies that move in the alcoholics market face is the lack of detailed information on food and beverage operators in the sector.  This makes up-selling efforts unfruitful and expensive and complicates the introduction of new products.

Moreover, a constant flow of information about the distribution of competitors’ products is highly needed. Without clear and precise data, it is not possible to take informed strategic decisions.


Professionals working in the commercial sections of beverage companies are often asked to find a solution to all these problems. Most likely, what they need is to get access to our Visual Location Intelligence solutions. We use data to generate actionable insights and we give it an understandable form, our Location Intelligence Dashboard.

With it, our customers can:

  • Augment the entire universe of outlets which are distributing alcoholic beverages
  • Monitor their market share in comparison with the competitors 
  • Discover what are the most popular food & beverage operators
  • Uncover which distributors have relationships with the most popular outlets
  • Perform over-time monitoring and identify additional strategic opportunities

the results

Using our solution, our clients are able to achieve a higher level of granularity in their market analysis. They are able to increase their opportunities by up to 40% and focus their sales operations on the food and beverage operators with the highest foot traffic. They manage to improve their on-trade performance by up to 20% and improve the efficiency of their sales & marketing operations.  

Service Provided

Location Intelligence

Explore your market and get insights on where your products are and on the outlets that are distributing them
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