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Adrian Alexandru
1 min
December 19, 2016
They say "an image is worth a thousand words" and at Dashmote we took this literal and try to go beyond simple images and get the perfect insights from every pixel.

We are not the ones to look back because we believe that in order to innovate you always have to think about the future but today we had the chance to see the finished work with one of the biggest travel companies in the Netherlands TUI.

Our project took us through 80 different travel destinations and after more than 10.000 images selected, we are proud to see the end output come through the hands of the very talented design department of TUI.

The project provided us with a very concrete example of how insights can be transformed into images and vice versa. We are certain that the images selected by us have a positive impact on the TUI customer experience and glad that we managed to collaborate with a company that takes visuals to a superior level of professionalism. 

Through the initial analysis of the brand style of TUI and input of the imagery guidelines of the brand, we were able to create an algorithm that helped in the selection process of the images. The selection algorithm helped surface the perfect TUI image for each of the travel destination, enabling our team to cover a variety places around the globe from Mexico to Thailand and others.

Dashmote, turning images into insights!

TUI, travel images, travel destinations, visual recognition

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