Dashmote Provides New Vision Into Marketing Intelligence

Hannah Park
3 min
September 20, 2017
Dashmote has evolved from previously aggregating stock images to offering computer vision solutions for visual marketing intelligence.

The Challenge with Computer Vision

With the development of artificial intelligence technologies such as deep learning, machines are becoming more capable of undertaking and facilitating human roles. Computer vision, which is a capability of deep learning, enables machines to use a function similar to that of a human eye and understand visual data. Machines can learn at an exponential rate, but the data as learning material needs to be substantial as well.

The truth about big data is that no matter how much there is, there is not enough data to form one universal deep learning solution. This is exemplified by the development of self-driving cars. They operate and learn using known data, such as driven roads and weather climates, but that data is limited to the company’s database. Data between competing companies cannot be interchanged to thoroughly train algorithms on one machine. Therefore, custom solutions are needed for each use of computer vision. Reaching the point where technology can function independently and without error requires sufficient algorithm training using one’s available data. Computer vision is only a process towards reaching a solution, as it requires constant updates of data and training.

Dashmote’s Innovation Evolution

As Dashmote matured as a company, we sought to improve and apply new methods of computer vision technology. Our solution was found through our collection of 350 million stock images over the last three years. The amount of images we aggregated provided vast amounts of data forming a reliable database. We were able to train computer algorithms to accurately identify images, test multiple solutions and create the current products we offer. The company now uses computer vision to analyze image data and provide insights for brands’ marketing intelligence.

We established our computer vision technology and found a market to use it in effectively - visual marketing intelligence, which is the collection and analysis of image data to formulate actionable insights for marketing strategy. 1.8 billion images are uploaded on social media every day. Brands are looking to optimize their marketing efforts on platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, but lack the tools to make use of the images. With the vast amount of image data online, visual data insights are increasingly valuable in marketing that is adapting to digital consumerism. As consumerism relies more on social media and visual communication, we want to help marketers better understand and keep up with changing consumers. Dashmote provides solutions for digital marketers by identifying consumer trends from the large amounts of “invisible” visual data on social media and all over the web.

Dashmote has developed its computer vision technology to provide the following services:

  • Visual Market Research: Conduct visual market research by using visual recognition technology to discover trends among image data that can influence a brand’s product placement in the market and create a snapshot of their audience.
  • Visual Brand Intelligence: Deep dive into the brand’s identity and understand how their content best engages with the audience, where they are mentioned online and how they stack against competition.
  • Visual Location Intelligence: Enrich brands’ marketing by harnessing the power of machine learning and providing contextual and geographical data based on their locations and leads.

Validation for the Future

The value of the technology has been proven through experience in our main market and by working with leading corporations in the fast-selling commerce industry. As we have worked with brands in the travel, consumer electronics, and beverage industries, we gained the expertise of adapting our technologies within these fields. We help established brands that focus on marketing and digital innovation.

Dashmote has also begun to expand its market to the United States and in the EU with offices in New York and Austria. The company plans to further expand to more diverse markets in East- and Southeast-Asia.

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