Dashmote Biweekly #8

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February 6, 2020
Dashmote Biweekly brings you, every two weeks, the most interesting facts, exciting applications and ideas related to AI, data, marketing, sales and business.

Technological Advancements to Govern Customer Behaviour in 2020

In his interesting article, Gill Callum explains what happens when marketers have to deal with the always-faster technological advancement that interests their markets.

Technologies such as AI, machine learning, 5G and more need to be chosen wisely, understood and used in the right way to be useful. One benefit from such digital innovations is helping brands predict customer behavior.

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Sustainability to be The Next Big Trend in The F&B Industry 

Sustainability is a growing trend among consumers. According to Julia Wilson, vice president of global responsibility and sustainability at New York-based Nielsen, “products that are environmentally friendly and use recycled packaging resonate most strongly with consumers overall.” 

As we explain in our last blog post, the F&B industry is one of the biggest producers of single-use plastic. Therefore, it will be crucial for this industry to take its customers’ preferences into account because the sustainability trend is here to stay.

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Seven Technologies for Retail Growth in 2020

A recent research by Gartner shows that 81% of all purchases in 2020 will be based on customer experience. Consumers are now able to identify the most desirable products and best deals through effortless online research. 

With the growth of customer’s expectations, retailers will need to embrace digital innovation if they want to stay competitive through 2020. And seven specific technologies will be crucial for them!

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