Dashmote Biweekly #10

Nanda Mohamed
3 min
March 5, 2020
Dashmote Biweekly brings you, every two weeks, the most interesting facts, exciting applications and ideas related to AI, data, marketing, sales and business.

Customer Experience Leaders are Relying on AI in 2020

According to the 2020 Digital Trends report, 36% of customer experience leaders and 33% of large organizations with revenue above £150m are already using artificial intelligence. Moreover, 64% of organizations state their main use of AI is for extracting insights through data analysis.

The report also shows that a further 28% of customer experience leaders and 39% of large organizations are planning to invest in AI or machine learning technology this year.

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4 Trends for Marketers in 2020

With the rapid changes within industries, marketers face daily challenges trying to adapt to the constantly changing consumers’ preferences. They strive to build trust and emotional loyalty with their customers. 

To help with that, Patrick Tripp, Senior VP of Product Marketing at Cheetah Digital, lists four trends enterprise marketers should look for in 2020: Unifying data sources, moment-based marketing, value exchange, and analytics and machine learning.

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AI and Big Data helps Coca-Cola’s Business Strategy

Bernard Mann talks about the vast amount of data Coca-Cola has access to thanks to its consumers - from production and distribution to sales and customer feedback. He then explains how the company uses Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to drive success. 

The company relies on a solid data-driven strategy to inform business decisions at a strategic level. Coca-Cola is squeezing every drop of insight it can from the data it collects through AI and machine learning. As Greg Chambers, global director of digital innovation at Coca-Cola has said “AI is the foundation for everything we do. We create intelligent experiences. AI is the kernel that powers that experience.”

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